One Token, Entire Commerce!

Connecting all the fragmented markets to make a unified commerce powered by crypto payment

A Full Fledged Solution

Forget fragmented marketplaces! NOBAR is creating the first ever crypto commerce to provide a holistic solution to the purchasing problem with cryptocurrency and crypto token. Our two robust functions - Crypto Commerce and Shop-App will facilitate all possible commercial activities.

Crypto Commerce

A wide range of commercial activities which include B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B, Ads, Jobs etc. on one platform.


Perform Point of Sale (POS) payments to purchase anything instantly from any physical store.

Why Choose NOBAR

Purchasing Power

Providing purchasing power to the token holders through the commercial activities on the platforms.

Under One Umbrella

B2C, B2B, C2C, C2B, Jobs, Ads, POS - all under one umbrella.

Regulation Compliant

Analyzed by regulation experts to make NOBAR project highly regulation compliant.

Two Decimal Currency

Ease of calculation with the two decimal NBR token.

Sustainable Steady Growth

Real world application of NBR token on the platforms will make way for sustainable steady growth.

User Protection

User protection will be assured by verifying each user to prevent fraudulent activities on the platforms.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program offers benefits on the platform for frequent users.

Zero Severity Issue

Zero Severity Issue with the smart contract solidity code and verified by etherscan.

Token Burning

Token burning will occur if there are any unused or unsold tokens after the token sale.


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